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Can you write about what kind of lingerie the bidders like on MC?

voltagechris answered:

Kinda suggestive but nothing explicit.


Soryu: He likes something more demure on you. Maybe something white that makes you look pure and innocent. His favorite is babydoll that is made of satin because he likes to touch and feel.
“It feels nice on your body,” he said shyly as he continued to caress your body over the thin material.

Baba: Baba likes everything. But if he has to choose something for you, it’ll be something that can be used for roleplay. Black dominatrix corset or very sexy ruby red lingerie so you can play thief and cop. You probably refused if you’re shy so his second option is the playboy bunny type of lingerie.
“No, that is also not an option, Baba.”
He whined like a child, “But… I already compromised.”

Mamoru: Mamoru is pretty conservative so he would choose something black or boyshorts. He thought he did not care about what you wear until one day you decided to surprise him.

Sitting in the dimly lit room, you waited for him to enter the room. You only wore his boxers with nothing to cover your chest. He walked inside and loosened his tie. He paused the moment he saw you. His pupils dilated and he stopped breathing for a couple seconds.
“What are you doing?” he asked as he tried to control the blood that went down south to a specific region. Something about seeing you in something his drove him crazy. He was pretty possessive actually.

So his favorite “lingerie” is you wearing something that belongs to him: his boxers, shirts, etc.

Eisuke: Eisuke likes something classy but sexy. Maybe transparent lace with a simple pearl necklace as an accessory. ((For some reasons, I kept imagining that Eisuke would love pearls on MC.)) Either that or a corset where he can undress you slowly by pulling the strings with his teeth.

Ota: A corset or a bustier with garter belt. Something tight fitting where he can admire your body shape. When you wear it, he will be surprised because he doesn’t expect you to wear something revealing. So he will just stand there and look at you until you ask for him to take you.


a/n: Thanks for asking! It’s interesting and I gotta do lingerie research on this ;D

More headcanons [x]


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Would you mind doing a KBTBB headcanon if the guys fell in love with MC in a different way? (Not by buying her in a black market auction.)

t-asuna2000 answered:

Wow. This is a really interesting one o.O I’ll do my best to get this right >.<

I’m going to make it like a little summary of how they met again (after their crazy first encounters in the prologue) and then met again some more (huehuehue) and then fell in love. I hope this is to your liking, anon!

Eisuke Ichinomiya: After Eisuke had pushed you off of him that fateful day in the hotel lobby, you were called into the manager’s office. Mr. Kenzaki then proceeded to tell you that Erika was out sick (thank god), so you would be the one to take care of the VIP rooms today. Nervous but excited, you quickly get to work. While doing your work, you spot Mr. Ichinomiya showing a business partner to one of the special rooms. He sees you and his lips quirk a little upon recognizing you. From then on, you and Eisuke would always spot each other while you worked. Of course, Eisuke watched you from afar with growing curiosity each day. How could a sweet girl like you put up with Erika’s bullying for so long? He was secretly fascinated with the way you were able to keep yourself together even under the hardships you had to face at work. You were still kind to everyone, and that sort of personality intrigued Eisuke. Before long, you were all that Eisuke could think of, from morning to night, during work and at home.

Soryu Oh: After catching you outside the room, Soryu couldn’t stop thinking about you. At first, it was merely out of concern for the Ice Dragons. Although he knew for sure that you definitely wouldn’t say a word due to the absolute fright on your face, he was still uneasy. If you ever said a word about what you had seen, the Ice Dragons would be in huge jeopardy. He decided to keep tabs on you, just to make sure that your mouth kept shut about the business you had seen that day. As the weeks bled into months, he continued to keep you in sight at all times. And over time, what he had seen about you had somehow surprised him. You were just so ordinary, so trusting. He just couldn’t fathom the little happiness you found in so many plain things. Soryu, who grew up without any sort of knowledge about an ordinary happiness, found himself drawn to you in the most intriguing ways. He grew to care about you from afar, making sure you were protected and shielded from harm.

Ota Kisaki: She really is similar to Koro.. You were all Ota could think about ever since your first encounter at the I.V.C. Ota had always thought about Koro everyday, but now he found himself thinking about you as well. He spent his time musing about how your similarities were just so uncanny. Being that he frequented the Tres Spades Hotel very often, he’d often see you from far away, whether it was doing work or simply having quick chats with your friends. He’d watch you closely, studying the way you smiled and laughed, the way you moved. When he’d go back to his studio, he would always find himself thinking of you, his unknown muse. While painting, the finished products often had Koro frolicking happily with a beautifully drawn girl that radiated innocence and purity.

Mitsunari Baba: Whenever Eisuke threw parties, Baba would go— but, he wouldn’t go with any date, no matter how many girls flung themselves at the handsome thief. Ever since your first encounter with him, Baba had found himself suddenly thinking of a sweet-faced girl he’d met briefly. I don’t even know her name, do I? You had such intelligent eyes, and from what Baba observed about you during your working hours, you were an extremely hard worker as well. Always throwing yourself into whatever job you’d been assigned with a gracious smile on your precious face. Baba found himself wanting to “accidentally” bump into you more at work. Eisuke and the others in the gang were very curious as to why the flirtatious thief hadn’t been doing his job as often anymore. Maybe I should focus more on stealing the beautiful princess’ heart now.

Mamoru Kishi: Mamoru and you had first met when Mamoru had been on his way to the penthouse suite. You were in a hurry, rushing up the stairs to try and hurry to complete the errands that Erika had thrown to you. In your flustered state, you weren’t watching where you were going and bumped into the slacker detective. “I’m so sorry, sir! That was my fault! I’m sorry! Please, excuse me!” You quickly blurted out before running off again. Mamoru blinked at you in surprise, and watched you curiously as you ran off. “Kids,” He muttered, shaking his head. But even after that slight mishap, you somehow managed to creep into Mamoru’s thoughts whenever he least expected it. A girl like that, who always keeps rushing into things to get things done isn’t something you see everyday, huh? Mamoru was surprised to encounter anyone like that, and occasionally seeing you rush around in the hotel while he was strolling around always made him stand a little straighter. Mamoru continued to watch as you began maturing within your job, eventually getting tougher tasks that you skillfully handled with a smile and plenty of effort.

I hope this was good enough! It was kind of tougher than other requests that I’ve gotten, but this was super fun to do >.< I hope you enjoyed, nonnie<3

I’m slightly busy with some extracurricular activities I have, so I’ll get to the cuddling the KBTBB boys headcanon tomorrow for that other dearie anon :)

Good night, and thanks for reading guys (/>_<)/

-Tiffy xD


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psst! I heard from a little birdie that the mc from KBTBB used to be apart of the mafia/assassin guild and the boys found out so the big money question is, how would they react?

voltageandheadcanons answered:

(Ooooh! Sounds interesting! I’ll do it! Hehe! I’ll go with the mafia one for this headcanon!)

Baba: "Whaaat? You used to be in the mafia?" Baba said, surprised. You looked to the side, but then looked back at him putting a finger up to your lips, telling him not to tell anybody. Baba realized your gesture and winked back at you with a grin. "Haha. Got it pretty lady.  I won’t tell a soul. But it’s pretty surprising isn’t it?" Baba smiled . You tilted your head to the side in confusion. You weren’t exactly sure what he meant. "Huh? What is?" you question Baba softly. "Hehe. I’m a thief, and you’re an ex-mafia~ Perfect match aren’t we? Two criminals, one heart~" Baba chuckled and pulled you into a kiss. 

Eisuke: "…Mafia?" Eisuke repeated your words, turning over to you. "You were in the mafia you say?" he questioned. You nod slowly, hoping that he wasn’t too surprised. "Heh. " Eisuke suddenly chuckled. You look up at him. Boy you sure regret doing that. He had a smirk on his face and his eyes were filled with mischief. "Well since you were in the mafia, you must be strong right? Why don’t you show some of that dominance in bed? You can treat me for once" Eisuke smiled mischievously. You blushed madly at his words. "E-Eisuke!" 

Mamoru: "…Like as in Sor?" Mamoru questioned while still processing the sentence you just said. You sighed at Mamoru, but your sighs quickly turned into giggles. "Yes Mamoru. As in Sor." you tried not to crack a smile, but you could tell that you were about to burst out laughing.  Finally processing the thought, Mamoru sighed out. "Geez….I’m pretty worried right now. If I do something to upset ya…." Mamoru sentence trailed off and he sighed once more. "Hehe! Well, let’s just say you shouldn’t try to! I’ll be all Sor like with my gun and all that!" You messed around. 

Ota: "Huh? You..used to be in the mafia you say?" Ota said surprised. You look up with him with hopeful eyes. Ota frowned a bit because he gave you the wrong idea. Honestly, he thought it was pretty amazing how you could be so tough and cute at the same time. SInce you seemed disappointed with his reaction, he joked around with you. "Wow! You must be a very well trained doggy if you used to be in the mafia!" Ota exclaimed, sounding impressed. You pouted slightly when he treated you like a pet, but Ota just smiled and ruffled your hair.

Soryu: "….So you were also in the mafia…?" Soryu questioned. You nodded in response, curious about his reaction. "Geez….No wonder why I kept on seeing your name on my list…" Soryu mumbled. "Are you surprised?" You asked. Soryu smiled softly a bit. "Heh…Not really. It explains your reflexes and fighting skills, and I’ve been kind of suspicous for a while." Sor explained. "Eh? When did you start getting suspicous?" you tilted your head to the side. "When you showed off your, ‘Gun skills.’ Your aim was way too off for a regular person." Soryu chuckled.  You guys laughed for a while at the memories and at discussion.